About us


Dear gurisher, a warm welcome to www.gurisha.com

Why www.gurisha.com?

www.gurisha.com was designed and developed to help you to sell, buy, or rent your stuff yourself. We always have been concerned by the fact that it is almost impossible to find what you are looking for or to be able to make sales to the right people.

Difficulties to get what you want?

You might have been in need to buy or rent a house, a car, a phone, a computer or any other stuff and you remember how difficulty it was. Surely, there are other people who are suffering to find customers for their stuff.

Where do you put stuff that you no more need but still in good status?

When you finish reading your book, where do you put it? There is a friend who would like to buy the same book and you could buy another one.

When you buy a new car, TV, Fridge, pair of shoes, a new game, what do you do with the old ones? Sell them on www.gurisha.com

What do you have to do?