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Our aim is to become the Rwandan’s best buying and selling web site. Simply post your products; we connect sellers to buyers for free. If you’ve got something you want to sell, someone out there could be  interested to it. We’ll help you find buyers ! If you are looking to buy something, you can search through all items and contact the seller FOR FREE.

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Step1: Register and/or sign inhere
Step2: Upload your products
Step3: Add at least one image (The Maximum size: 512.0Mb. Acceptable file types: gif, jpg, png.)
Step4:   Pay the listing fee:

  1. Products valued less than 100,000 FRw, The listing is FREE
  2. For any other single product listed, you only have to pay 3000 FRW
  3. if you want your product to be top listed, pay 5000 FRW

This money helps to pay the hosting and for the maintenance of the website. You will not be asked to pay any other fees.
Your product will be listed for the number of days that you choose.


  1. BPR:  @0788561450, LTD GURISHA
  2. MTN Mobile Money@: 0789947086
  3. Tigo@: 0728561450
  4. paypal@:

Or for more payment options,contact us

Please remember to email your payment reference number at indicating your product title, so that we could activate your products.

You are done, congratulation. Remember to remove your product when it is sold out.

Buying at gurisha is easy and cheap because gurisha does not charge you.

Step1. See the product you want to buy.
Step2. Check if it meets the criteria of what you need
Step3. Contact the seller.
NB: Gurisha is not responsible of any product listed, make sure that all necessary measures

1You will not be asked to pay any commission

  • You can sell whatever you wish.
  • You reach thousands of buyer/sellers.
  • You can sell any general item for FREE.

Do it Yourself.

Sign in

You will need to sign in, to be able to list your stuff at your or edit your products. Sign in by entering your email address and password.

Don’t panic, It easier to recover it. Click here and enter the email address associated with your profile under the Forgot your password section. Click on the Reset Your Password button and a reset password will be emailed to you presently. Once you’ve received your reset password, you may log in using your email address and the new password you received. If you’d like to change your password to a personal one after logging in then click on the change password link.

Welcome to’s guide to selling. This guide is made up of different sections so you can dip in and get out of the most relevant for you.

1.       Preparing to sell.

Take time to prepare for your sale or rent by ensuring your item is at its best for viewings.

2.       How much is your item worth?

Check around and see how much your item is worth. The lower the price, the higher the chance of selling it quickly.

3.       Why to sell at

This web site was created to help to sell your products without any trouble.

4.       Getting the most out of viewings.

Remember the buyer needs to see your item before deciding whether to buy or rent it or not. First impressions count, so put yourself in the buyers’ shoes and make the most out of every part of your item. Use good quality camera and take all the possible sides of the item.

B. How much does it cost to sell?

  • For every single product listed, we charge only 2000 FRW. But if you want your product to be top listed, you pay 3000 for a period of 60 days
  • If you want Gurisha to sell the product for you, we will charge you 5% after sell. This is paid only if Gurisha finds a buyer. (contact us for more details).
  • Title

Using the correct title and classification of your item will help your item to be easily found.

  • Description

Fill in more details requested details.

  • Price

Asking the right and competitive price gives your item more chance to be purchased as quickly as possible.

  •  Good Photographs

Provide good quality, well lit photos of the actual item. You can upload up to 6 photos for each listing.

Product listing

Your product will be approved not later than 24 hours. If it is not and you have already paid the listing fees please, contact us.
Apart from land, any other product with no image may be deactivated after two days.



How to Change my password?

If you would like change your password, that is associated with your profile, you will have to sign in using the email address and password associated with your current profile. Click the change your password link. Then, you will be able to change your secret password without having to contact us.

Giving your password will never ask your pass word. Never send your password via email or SMS

Please click here to contact us. We will be happy to assist you